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Album 'The Stronghold' has emerged as a reflection of the inspiration from the ancient times, the glorious past that was characterized by battles and the struggle for survival in this region. Something of it comes to mind from the very names of the songs. The album was made with a lot of enthusiasm and is of a decent production, as conditions allowed it to be. Not recorded in the studio, even without a set of pro-gear (which is obvious). Short and clear. Maybe it lacks the skills, but all the actions and the resulting material originated from the ideas and interests of the members of the band. This is not a professional album, nor are its creators musicians as such. The essence of this album is a real desire for creation and creativity, unlimited by the conditions set before the members of the group. Instrumental, somewhat ambiental brand of metal with epic overtones. This is - Manubrium.
Manubrium is a two piece experimental doom/death ambient metal/instrumental band from Croatia, interested in diverse themes like history, civilizations and existence philosophies. Band memebers:

Margul Demonic - artwork, songtitles, occasional vocals, drum samples, arrangement, production...

Metalna Munja - guitars, melody ideas, rehearsals...

Preview album tracks :
                   Preview album tracks :
Manubrium has also made their first demo entitled 'A Glance At Own Demise' , which is a combination of melodic doom/death metal. Check it out at www.archive.org.